Sunday, 8 November 2009

Model Search 2010 Finalists

2,500 entrants and 200K votes later, we were ready to go through the top 10's of our Model Search (in conjunction with ELLE, FM Agency and Rouge Bunny Rouge) with FM!

As laid out on the Model Search site, we can only take votes from verified email addresses into consideration to make it fair. Those people that set up scripts to generate email addresses to try to beat the system didn't achieve anything other than causing us issues with our server (due to the bounces such efforts generated) so those contestants had to be disqualified, as we had specifically warned on the Model Search site. However, there were a huge amount of genuine votes and of course, we understand that not every genuine voter would have verified their email address so we only disqualified people who had literally thousands of unverified votes.
Thank you to the huge amount of contestants that took the competition seriously and followed the rules! Hopefully some of you will see yourselves below!

So, these are the official top 10's that were presented to us and FM agency and these are the girls we will be plucking our 7 winners from!
We'll announce the winners on the 18th of November, so GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Group A Top 10

Group B Top 10

Group C Top 10Group D Top 10

Group E Top 10

Group F Top 10

Group G Top 10
We'll be choosing 7 girls that compliment each other, have the potential to have a career as a model, have a modern/edgy look that represents Zuneta aswell as their Phenotype group and that are friendly and forthcoming when we contact them as that is more important than you might think when it comes to success as a brand rep!
Stay tuned for more updates soon....


  1. vote for Skye in the redheads! She can represent anyone you want- a face for fashion!

  2. No, the girl with the reddest hair is truly something special.
    An amazing high fashion look, and as a pale person myself, i would be more than happy for her to represent my phenotype!

  3. I think it's silly how this went on votes - if you put your picture up late, then you couldn't get very many votes. Also - there is an asian girl in the ginger category - because it solely went on votes - surely that shouldn't happen as it's impossible for her to win the ginger category.

  4. The girl with the reddest hair was easily the most popular Deborah! I think a lot of people must agree with you!
    Alice- don't worry, I am just showing everyone, fair and square, who the most voted for girls were in each category. People that aren't actually redhead cannot win the redhead category. Its a shame they put themselves in the wrong category. Obviously the winners will be people that truly representt heir phenotype groups. Thats why the winners cannot be chosen solely based on votes. Its why we do it from the top 10's.
    The majority of votes were cast on the last few days of the comp as we did a lot of PR around it so the chances were pretty even throughout. A lot of it was down to the girls promoting themselves on the social networks and the huge amount of traffic to the site in the last few days. There are girls in the top 10 were quite late entrants.

  5. There are some really incredibly faces in all the sections! I am in the top ten for the red-heads and I have to say that there are a couple of girls who are amazing and who I would be more than happy to have represent all us pale-beauties!! I just wish there was a three-winner-red head so the differnt shades of red-head could be represented! Strawberry Blond / Gingery Red / Aubern! :) But either which way I wish everyone in all catogories the best of luck x

  6. Yes your so right, they are all beautiful.
    But everyone will have their favourites, Chels is definately mine.
    So it will be exciting to see who zuneta pick!

  7. They're all really stunning, and I especially can't wait to see the winner of the redhead section! :)

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  9. I never got into the top 10 but this competition did show me how much support i had from friends and random people, with even people setting up a facebook group for me, so thank you so much for the opportunity and giving me the change to realise my support. :)

  10. Thanks to everyone for getting involved! Especially the redheads....great to see your comments!!

  11. I agree with Alice. And if you do put yourself in the wrong category, I dont believe you should have been allowed to end up in the top 10, its robbing someone else of a place who DOES represent their phenotype. Also, I think in future Zuneta should pick the top 10, and meet the girls before choosing a winner. People look very different in real life, plus if you are lucky enough to have say, 700 friends on facebook, obviously that increases your chances of been in the top 10, even though you might not be the best person for it. It means others will be overlooked just because they dont have as many friends on social networking sites!! AngharadB to win - I am redhead and entered the competition but she is gorgeous and I would be more than happy for her to represent redheads.

  12. I'm the 7th in Group B
    Thanks for everyone who voted
    Btw: My hair is blonde I had just dyed it in the picture and it has lightened

    Good luck to everyone

    1st one in Group B is beautiful and has such potiental
    Think she will win to be honest

    Well done everyone who's gotten in the top 10's


  13. hey there im in the top 10 of group B but not heard anything on the next stage neither by phone or email!!

    iv looked at all the girls and think they are all beautiful in there own way and could all win i wish them all the luck!!

    i do agree tho with the voting system i think all girls should of been entered at the same time to make it fair but at the end of the day its all about fun and not bein to serious about it!

    good luck to everyone =)

  14. Well Chels didn't win. It seems such a shame!
    Hopefully will see her in some fashion magazine in the future, she must be a model.
    But AngharadB is beautiful and i wish zuneta all the best.

    Kind regards

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