Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Ultimate Lipgloss

This evening I have decided to do a new kind of post for this blog. I want to showcase the product that has become my new obsession, the Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss.
I have been *blessed* with enormous lips. Very pouty. While most people are jealous of this, it has taken me years to work out how best to *dress* them. I am a big fan of lip butters and coloured balms which give me a light hint of colour, but nothing too overpowering. Occasionally I go through a lipstick phase and get brave with my shades (although I still can't carry off a good, iconic, pillarbox red- its just not my shade). I have definitely been going through a lipstick phase recently, encouraged by the blackcurrant shades that I keep raving about.
But now I have a new obsession. Lipgloss.
The reasons I haven't normally gone for lipglosses are:
- A lot of them taste gross
- My hair manages to stick to my lips as soon as I step outside and the feeling of glamour therefore disappears immediately
- Most lipglosses seem to last for about 5 mins on the lips which annoys me

However, I have finally found a super shiny, super tasty lipgloss that has, quite frankly, revolutionised my attitude to this particular make-up essential!

Instead of raving about it too much, i will just dispaly the stunning shade range below. Yes I have them all, yes that's how obsessed i've become. Look how used up some of them are already!

That's flash and no flash so you can see the shades in the way you prefer. I also decided to do some swatches whilst I was at it. More so that I could choose which shade I will be rocking with my new gold metallic vest this weekend, but also so you can see how wearable they all are and how easy it would be to become obssessed. And look how shiny it is!!!!

The shades from left to right are:

Primal, Nectar (amazing), Origami (amazing), Reflect, Imagine (amazing), Ignite, Verse, Lush (amazing but sold out), and Truth (great if you don't want too much sparkle).

Today I was at a meeting with ELLE discussing the Model Search and someone actually asked me what lipstick i was wearing. It wasn't lipstick, it was this gloss! In Nectar. Sure, the shine had subsided a little ( this was over lunch so I had eaten....) but the colour was just as you would expect from a lipstick.

I'm pretty darn impressed, I must say. For all you gloss fans out there- you need one of these!


  1. Great post,swatches are always helpful. I'll have to get one of those I think, which would you say is warmer out of ignite and imagine ?

  2. Thanks! Imagine is heavy on the gold reflects. Very shimmery, definitely a little bit special and one of the best sellers. Ignite is a warm rose that has a deeper colour and less shimmer factor. I use it during the day. All of them have a slightly sweet, slightly fruity and ever so slightly coconuty taste. I am actually allergic to coconut but amazingly it doesn't put me off! Hope you enjoy it!