Monday, 30 November 2009

Zuneta Relaunch and blog is moving!

It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks so sorry for not posting much. We have been trying to get our new website up and running and its nearly a month late to launch. Apparently that's normal in the land of technology but it's been driving me crazy!
Anyway, the good news is that our brand new site is live and it has coincided beautifully with Zuneta's first birthday!!
So much has happened in the last year, and thank you for your support in helping me grow Zuneta - all your support is greatly appreciated!
Our new site has an exciting new magazine section so aswell as the usual articles from our guest writers, I'll be using it as my blog as well. You can still leave comments and participate as much as you want. And if anyone fancies a guest writing slot, don't hesitate to ask.

Come and visit us at the new Zuneta.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Winners have been announced!

The below girls are the lucky ladies that were the final choice based on the public votes and the judges votes.

We are getting a lot of questions about the voting and the selection process, so I just wanted to lay out the process that was followed. We have also been filming the entire process so we will upload the final documentary on the Zuneta Youtube page and also on before Christmas hopefully. This will include interviews with all the winners and all the people involved so you can see the whole process and maybe improve your chances for next year!

The girls with the most verified votes in each category made it into the top 10's. Only verified votes were counted as this was the only way we could maintain a fair competition with a 'real' public vote.

The top 10's were then discussed with FM Agency, who were looking for girls that they felt they could potentially develop a successful modelling career for. Together we shortlisted the girls that we contacted. Some of the girls that have not been selected as the winners for this competition will still be contacted by FM. We had to choose 7 winners that looked good together and that we felt were good ambassadors for their phenotype.

It was a VERY tough decision.
We apologise to those that were not contacted in the top 10's, but due to the timings and sheer volumes we approached those that we felt had the most potential (or the highest votes) first.
I hope you'll agree that the girls that were chosen are all stunning in their own way and all of us here at the Zuneta office were completely overwhelmed by the number of entrants and also the quality of entrants! Next year we will make it into a bigger event as the concept has proven to be so popular.

Thank you again to all those that entered!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Model Search 2010 Finalists

2,500 entrants and 200K votes later, we were ready to go through the top 10's of our Model Search (in conjunction with ELLE, FM Agency and Rouge Bunny Rouge) with FM!

As laid out on the Model Search site, we can only take votes from verified email addresses into consideration to make it fair. Those people that set up scripts to generate email addresses to try to beat the system didn't achieve anything other than causing us issues with our server (due to the bounces such efforts generated) so those contestants had to be disqualified, as we had specifically warned on the Model Search site. However, there were a huge amount of genuine votes and of course, we understand that not every genuine voter would have verified their email address so we only disqualified people who had literally thousands of unverified votes.
Thank you to the huge amount of contestants that took the competition seriously and followed the rules! Hopefully some of you will see yourselves below!

So, these are the official top 10's that were presented to us and FM agency and these are the girls we will be plucking our 7 winners from!
We'll announce the winners on the 18th of November, so GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Group A Top 10

Group B Top 10

Group C Top 10Group D Top 10

Group E Top 10

Group F Top 10

Group G Top 10
We'll be choosing 7 girls that compliment each other, have the potential to have a career as a model, have a modern/edgy look that represents Zuneta aswell as their Phenotype group and that are friendly and forthcoming when we contact them as that is more important than you might think when it comes to success as a brand rep!
Stay tuned for more updates soon....

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Ultimate Lipgloss

This evening I have decided to do a new kind of post for this blog. I want to showcase the product that has become my new obsession, the Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss.
I have been *blessed* with enormous lips. Very pouty. While most people are jealous of this, it has taken me years to work out how best to *dress* them. I am a big fan of lip butters and coloured balms which give me a light hint of colour, but nothing too overpowering. Occasionally I go through a lipstick phase and get brave with my shades (although I still can't carry off a good, iconic, pillarbox red- its just not my shade). I have definitely been going through a lipstick phase recently, encouraged by the blackcurrant shades that I keep raving about.
But now I have a new obsession. Lipgloss.
The reasons I haven't normally gone for lipglosses are:
- A lot of them taste gross
- My hair manages to stick to my lips as soon as I step outside and the feeling of glamour therefore disappears immediately
- Most lipglosses seem to last for about 5 mins on the lips which annoys me

However, I have finally found a super shiny, super tasty lipgloss that has, quite frankly, revolutionised my attitude to this particular make-up essential!

Instead of raving about it too much, i will just dispaly the stunning shade range below. Yes I have them all, yes that's how obsessed i've become. Look how used up some of them are already!

That's flash and no flash so you can see the shades in the way you prefer. I also decided to do some swatches whilst I was at it. More so that I could choose which shade I will be rocking with my new gold metallic vest this weekend, but also so you can see how wearable they all are and how easy it would be to become obssessed. And look how shiny it is!!!!

The shades from left to right are:

Primal, Nectar (amazing), Origami (amazing), Reflect, Imagine (amazing), Ignite, Verse, Lush (amazing but sold out), and Truth (great if you don't want too much sparkle).

Today I was at a meeting with ELLE discussing the Model Search and someone actually asked me what lipstick i was wearing. It wasn't lipstick, it was this gloss! In Nectar. Sure, the shine had subsided a little ( this was over lunch so I had eaten....) but the colour was just as you would expect from a lipstick.

I'm pretty darn impressed, I must say. For all you gloss fans out there- you need one of these!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Zuneta on ELLE blog and retro style Hulger phones!

Check us out on the ELLE Beauty blog today!
This is the last weekend of our Model Search, which has been a huge succes so far with over 2,500 entrants and 200,000 votes placed!
This weekends prize is courtesy of a fantastic little company called Hulger that make these cool old skool phones that you plug into your mobile or your computer (makes Skype calls a hell of a lot more interesting...).

If you are a regular at the Tate or like your design museums worldwide you might have come across Hulger before. Their newest invention is the Plumen Range- energy efficient light bulbs that actually look good as opposed to the large, ugly, awkward shapes we have forced on us from the less inspirational manufacturers. I'm sure we'll be seeing these pop up all over the shop in the near future....

Enter now to win your Lady Penelope style Skype phone....I wish I was eligible to win!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Make Me White

I'm watching a fascinating programme on BBC1 called 'Make Me White'. It is about the Asian community and how much pressure there is within it for young women to appear light skinned.

The market for whitening creams is huge in Asia, something I had a lot of exposure to in my old life at L'Oreal. I have to say, I don't have a huge issue with responsible companies having a presence in the whitening market as it ensures that there are 'safe' options available. However, I hope that the trend for whiter skin slows considerably with future generations as there is absolutely no substitute for natural beauty. As a fair skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed gal I often look at images of stunning women such as Aishwarya Rai and I sometimes wish I had features and a skin tone as stunning as hers.

It is normal to desire what you don't have. Curly haired women lust after straight locks and vice versa. Caucasian people flock in their millions to the beach every summer longing after tanned (darker) and therefore beautiful skin.

It definitely works both ways.
If I just take our Model Search as an example, a lot of girls that have entered themselves in Group E, designed for women of Latin origin with medium to tan skin tone, are actually very pale. But if you take into consideration all the fake tan......they suddenly appear darker.

Why are we all so hell bent on damaging our skin to look different?

I'd be interested to know whether more caucasian women use fake tan over asian women using skin whitening products?
At the end of the day, beauty products are there for us to help us feel confident and good about ourselves. Who are we to judge what is right or what is wrong? As a retailer, I am happy to offer people the products they want. But when it comes to giving advice, I'd always encourage people to make the best out of their natural features as no doubt they are the envy of somebody else!

Monday, 26 October 2009

RBR Luminous Skin Wand- Instyle Beauty Buy Winner 2009

Well, today I have some exciting news!!!
The Rouge Bunny Rouge Concealer (Luminous Skin Wand) has has been voted one of Instyle's Best Beauty Buys. Of course, I wholeheartedly agree as I am a BIG fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge.

I am particularly excited to see this as most magazine based Beauty Awards only honour the big brands (read- big advertising spends). So it's very refreshing to see a little unknown like Rouge Bunny Rouge sneak in and take a prize!

The Rouge Bunny Rouge concealer is very unique though so it definitely deserves recognition. It is an eye cream and concealer in one so actively works to reduce fine lines, bags and dark circles as well as just covering them up. It contains an ingredient called Haloxyl™ which is what works hard to reduce dark circles. Meanwhile Fermiskin, made from Shitake Mushroom Extract, reduces puffiness and firms up the under eye area.

I am a bif fan of multi-tasking concealers that have performance related properties to them as well as just being good cover-ups. Granted, this may not be the product that properly covers those nightmare-ish bemishes, but it's worth investing in to care for the eye area.