Monday, 26 October 2009

RBR Luminous Skin Wand- Instyle Beauty Buy Winner 2009

Well, today I have some exciting news!!!
The Rouge Bunny Rouge Concealer (Luminous Skin Wand) has has been voted one of Instyle's Best Beauty Buys. Of course, I wholeheartedly agree as I am a BIG fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge.

I am particularly excited to see this as most magazine based Beauty Awards only honour the big brands (read- big advertising spends). So it's very refreshing to see a little unknown like Rouge Bunny Rouge sneak in and take a prize!

The Rouge Bunny Rouge concealer is very unique though so it definitely deserves recognition. It is an eye cream and concealer in one so actively works to reduce fine lines, bags and dark circles as well as just covering them up. It contains an ingredient called Haloxyl™ which is what works hard to reduce dark circles. Meanwhile Fermiskin, made from Shitake Mushroom Extract, reduces puffiness and firms up the under eye area.

I am a bif fan of multi-tasking concealers that have performance related properties to them as well as just being good cover-ups. Granted, this may not be the product that properly covers those nightmare-ish bemishes, but it's worth investing in to care for the eye area.


  1. You got me interested there, up the point when you said it's not particularly to cover blemishes... Pity that.

  2. Best to be honest! They are launching a new one next year that is more of a traditional concealer for blemishes etc. This one is much better as treatment for dark circles and brightening the eye area. For all those that think Touche Eclat is totally overrated...